Wellington Hospital

Wellington Hospital


The Wellington Hospital is the largest independent hospital in the UK and are pushing to the forefront in how they integrate with new technologies to streamline their internal and external processes.

The Wellington Hospital needed help modernising the processes used for submitting new patients to their Acute Admissions Unit (AAU) and how they manage patients once submitted. These submissions were originally taken via phone operators. Once submitted, patient to bed assignment and updates were all managed manually.

We designed iPhone and Android apps, to be used by GPs, which made the submission process far more efficient than the previous method of relying on phone operators. As well as submissions, GPs were then able to track their patient’s progress, alerting them of any key advances in the patient’s road to recovery.

Previously, with a booking team and nurses operating independently, keeping staff continuously aware of up to date bed statuses could become tricky.

We designed an iPad application, available to booking team staff and the nurses within The Wellington AAU. The iPad app enabled the booking team to view new patient submissions and immediately assign them to available beds. The nurses have up to date records on their patients and the ability to rearrange their bed allocation.

With the new system in place, the hospital are now able to take patient submissions quicker and manage them more efficiently.

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